We Lead with Impact
Swell began with a simple question: How can we create a better investment option for people who care about where their money goes and what it supports?  Our product was built on the belief that today’s biggest challenges will result in tomorrow’s leading industries.

Over the course of three years, our team of roughly 40 designers, engineers, product managers, portfolio managers, data analysts, marketers, customer support agents, and impact researchers built a product that allowed anyone to invest in companies solving global challenges and helped them to understand the impact of their investments in the world.
David Fanger
Teresa Orsolini
Yasmine Molavi
Arianna Savant
Jack Eisenberg
Vaughn Baker
Christian Boullon
Jake Raden
Cristina Stutz
Sarah Rienhoff
Keaton Herzer
Ivan Sunguroff
Alexandra Mora
Harrison Tate
Chris Arellano
Michael Traquair
Alex Cano
Bill MacKay
Pamela Velazquez
Lily Bowles
Madeline Savant
Maximilian Haidbauer
Mushfiq Khalid
Farshad Sheykhi
Ezekiel Abuhoff
Nick Matelli
Monica Gallegos
Ksenia Smith
Grace Lin
Jacob Peterson
David Simon
Rachel Chervin
Ben Brodie
Blake Rodriguez
David McGrath
Mark Richardson
Amberjae Freeman
Meghan Ruff
Mazi Bahadori
Chris Schwartz
Natalie Rix
Yisroel Solomon
Dominique Piñon
Sara Sivens
Tanaaz Jasani
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